Building Family Traditions with Pizza

Thursday Nov 7, 2019

We all have family traditions we like to follow. We can all remember the first time we gathered together for a Thanksgiving dinner or going out for dinner after a good grades report, the list goes on. Making family traditions is an important part of staying close to our family, and celebrating the moments we spend together.

If you don’t know where to start, consider to start making family traditions with pizza. Because let’s face it, everyone loves pizza. Plus, ordering and eating pizza is the easiest way to build up a family tradition.

Choose a Day of the Week

Did your family celebrate pizza night? If they didn’t, you could start with this easy family tradition on your own. Pick a day of the week, maybe Friday? Then, religiously order pizza every Friday. Make sure the entire family knows about this, and you all gather together to enjoy a pizza meal together.

Pizza Nights can happen any day, all you need is to pick up the phone or order online. Make sure you have different options for the whole family to enjoy. From pepperoni pizza and Howie Wings®, to desserts and dipping sauces for the entire family. The more options, the merrier. It should almost feel like a pizza buffet. Trust us, no one will ever miss pizza night.

Family Pizza Parties

We all have cakes for our birthdays. Why not make it a tradition to have pizza at other family parties? Any celebration is worthy of a pizza party. Start a tradition to serve pizza at every birthday celebration, or maybe you go out for pizza every time someone finishes a grade at school or a semester at college.

For these parties to become a tradition, you have to make sure to always have pizza. The idea is for you to look back in the future and say, “My family always ordered Hungry Howie’s® pizza every time I finished classes, it was our family tradition.”

Unique Family Holidays

Alright, we all celebrate major holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve and Halloween, but what about our family holidays? At Hungry Howie’s we celebrate Pizza Day with pizza. Maybe your family can join us as well. Or, you can have your unique family holiday, such as celebrating the first day of summer with pizza, having a family tradition of watching football games with pizza, or maybe you guys are baseball fans instead and like to watch those games with pizza.

No matter what unique holidays you celebrate as a family. Make it a tradition to have some pizza on those days.

Passing on Traditions

Of course, you want to make sure these new family traditions are passed on through generations and generations. Make sure your children follow some of these traditions - we follow Pizza Night because of our parents. We know our children will continue Pizza Night when they’re in college, and hopefully, one day, when they have children, they too will gather together and enjoy Pizza Nights every Friday after work. Making family traditions with pizza will give you memories you and your family will never forget.